Meditation for Everyday Day Living- A book to help you live in the Meditative State

"Meditation for Everyday Living" is a book is packed with powerful tools and techniques for entering into the meditative state. In this book learn the inner process of meditation and breathwork. Learn to balance your life and center in body, mind and spirit. Learn to access your inner guidance for issues of health, relationship, career and all important areas of your life. You will learn to create a quiet calm state of mind to achieve clarity for decision making. You will also learn tools of self development and spiritual integration for personal growth, peace of mind and more fulfillment in your life. This book lives up to its title, Meditation for Everyday Living, in way that is easy to follow and simple to understand. More importantly, this powerful little book is like a guide on the side, who everyday assists the student of meditition in further developing their meditative practice. It can be used by a person new to meditation as well as the person who has been meditating for years. Michele Meiché gives simple and clear instructions, through numerous breath work exercises, for working with physical relaxation techniques. These exercises assist a person to better understand that achieving a meditative state is really a process. This is an excellent book with a variety of everyday techniques and exercises to meet every kind of challenge and achieve a level of mental calm, peace of mind and relaxation.

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