February Soul Insights - Awakening to More Love Through Soul Alignment and Spiritual Connection

This February the energy pattern is one of "Pushing"... Pushing you to what 'seems' out of reach, but what you have been dreaming of to experience in your life. We continue with the theme of love- 'Self Love' and 'Love of Others'...
This month the inner pushing and nudging will be toward more conscious relating. This of course starts with each of us personally...
How conscious are of your true needs and wants? What do you desire? What brings you fulfillment?

The more you are aware of what really brings you fulfillment and what is really important to you this brings a kind of awakening to a fuller part of you.

This month expects some 'tests' in relating that require you to be more open and truthful. Maybe there is a certain conversation you have been 'feeling' you need to have with a special someone. Now is the time... Perhaps there is an imbalance in your work situation and it is over stretching you and causing an energy drain.

Look to where you are receiving and in what proportion to what you are giving.
Sometimes we need to learn to give less and be more present by just being with someone.
Many times 'over giving' creates an energetic barrier between the person we are over giving to and ourselves. It doesn't allow the person to extend toward us.

This month brings a focus on awakening to more love... To seeing yourself as an amazing gifted talent and resource in your own life. This energy will also bring a sense of gratitude for the people and relating situations you have in your life... In essence this month brings a deepening of connection; and for some the awareness of wanting this deeper connection... Connection is love, and awakening to this love brings a thread of fulfillment in all you do.

Each Awakening you have in your life will open up your capacity for more Soul Expressed Living and true Spiritual Integration. This raises your vibrational frequency to not live stuff in the extreme polarity expressions and experiences. Expanding beyond duality you expand beyond 'good-bad' or intense emotions of hate, vengeance and retribution... Some of the 'testing' this month will bring a deeper understanding of our 'human condition' and an awareness of our spirituality; as well as spiritual foundation. Awakening is awakening to all of life experience. Not to just what we think or feel is good... Living more awake is acceptance of 'what is' in your life. If it's 'here' it's here for a reason...
As you live more awake you will come to not only know but feel why someone can be so hurtful or harmful. In each person you will see and feel your own struggle, pain, feelings of not good enough; as well as your own liberation, understanding, compassion and loved expressed...
Authentic Spiritual practice and integration requires accountability, responsibility and thinking not only of yourself, but the other people in your life and world.
Your capacity to forgive and experience compassion directly correlates to your consciousness and true spiritual connection.

The Spiritual Connection and Consciousness that you express, experience and live out "when no one is looking"
You can't hide your intentions, true motives and level of awareness and consciousness from the Universe- God = The All That Is...

Spiritual Awakening requires emotional healing, self/Self Development. Self healing is Self Love.
No matter how much you meditate, chant, do yoga, or do 'Seva' you are not Spiritually Attuned, Soul Aligned or truly living consciously if you are stuck in a blame, us against theme or unforgiving mindset.
A limiting mindset that refuses to grow is not the mind of a Soul Aligned individual... Soul Growth requires stretching out of our previous mindset and limitations... 
In many ways a Soul Connection is a Love Connection. Also, to connect spiritually is connected is connecting through love. In our Spiritual Connection we know no separation.

To say: "That's just the way I am" or "It's their fault" or " I'm not going to change, I don't need to change or I don't need to look at this" stops your process of healing, growth and the mindset of insight. It is actually not only a cop out but a falsity.
As a Spiritual Being and an Aspect of Source Energies you have an unlimited capacity for change, transformation, fulfillment within your circumstance and ever widening expressions and experiences of love.

You can't get to your Inner Knowing if you aren't willing to look at your 'stuff'...Just like you really can't love another if you can't love yourself flaws and all...
To the degree you are whole and Soul Aligned you will experience more Soul Expression, Life Enhancement, Spiritual Awareness and therefore Love.

January Soul Insights - The Yearning to Connect and Love More

This January will bring a focus on emotional fulfillment emphasizing the relationships in your life.
You will be drawn to activities and situations that
Take time this month take part in philosophical discussions, art, music and creative expression.
This will feed your Soul, nourish your mind and uplift your emotions.

This year starts out with a yearning and focus on love and a need to connect; as well and share with each other.
Those that take the time to nurture relationships and develop deeper emotional bonds will find a stronger connection with their Higher Self and a feeling of being guided to all that is more fulfilling.  A feeling of being connected to the whole of the Universe and to people that feel special to us will paramount to the foundation of this year.  Seeking kindred spirits and feeling connected, bonding, and sharing ones feelings, thoughts, talents and gifts will be a key urge this January and throughout 2016.  The Soul is saying: “I want some really cool playmates.”  Friendship, connection, collaboration and sharing are the underpinning of this month.  For some this will mean a ‘special someone’ or life mate… Bonds will get closer.

What does this mean for the energies that are dancing in our lives and playing with our mind and emotions?
It means follow and speak to what is emotionally important for you, and what also stretches you mentally.
Unfortunately in our world most people don’t know what is emotionally important for them and most people don’t know what they need emotionally.
The energetic focus of January will bring an awareness of not only what is needed in one’s life, but also what is lacking.

Very often we know something is lacking, but we don’t know what we need.  How do we articulate what we need?  What is the underlying emotion?  Perhaps we need to feel safer; but as we probe deeper; what we really need is reassurance. This reassurance can come in many ways. We just need to first recognize the need and then be open to receive it.  The ‘how we receive’ what we need changes to meet our Soul growth and present time circumstances.  We need to be open to receiving in different ways and from different people.
Many times people are stuck in a rut asking for their needs to be met in a specific way- usually, the way their needs have been met before in their life and relationships.  This stunts our growth and closers us off to new experiences that can bring even more meaning into our life.

This month dare to be childlike again in openness, wonder and possibility. Be open to deepening emotional bonds with those you are in relationship; as well as be open to new relationships. This month dig deep and find out what it takes to make your heart sing and your purr with happiness. Go toward those that bring out the best in you and spend less with those that don't understand you... Follow your heart and your inspiration will lead the way.

Soul Insights - The December Gateway-Portal of Light - What Does It Mean for You?

Do “it” differently….
This Gateway-Portal of Light is causing an intensification of energy that is creating a focus on a revisiting of your past.

This revisiting is bringing up situations, ways of responding and living that you have become entrenched in either by reactions from your patterning, habit; or due to an ‘old world view’ of your life.
Sometimes we react to life; or relationship issues in a way that is determined by a ‘conditioned response pattern’.  This means we react and not act… 

We are reactionary due to emotional charge from our past going back to our family of origin dynamics and we often times don’t even know we are stuck in a pattern.  Responding by habit is kinda lazy… It’s when we just are on autopilot and don’t bother looking at the deeper implications, or even bring in the idea of growth.
Another way of being stuck in our responses, which blocks our Soul Growth is when we have used a way of responding and “it worked” for us in the past, it seemed conscious or healthy and it got us what we wanted we then keep using this response as our ‘world view point’… It looks something like this:  “Well, it worked in the past so why should I change what I am doing?”  “I know what’s going on here. I’ve experienced this before.”

Sometimes we can do what we usually do; or have done in the past and that is okay… It’s just okay though. It’s not great; and it’s not stretching us and opening the door for new ways of being, thinking and relating.  If we keep doing the same old, same old, we are essentially blocking new input from The All That Is- Source Energies…and Source Energies is that Life Force Animating Energy, The driving force of the Universe, is the Universe, is you and me and works through you and me…
How can expect to have new ideas, a shift in awareness, an expansion in consciousness and Soul growth when you won’t allow yourself to climb out of your little box of “This is how I do it.” “This is how I did it in the past.”  We can’t stretch is we won’t first stretch in our mind and world view of our life and experiences.

This Gateway – Portal of Light is highlighting the areas that we need to stretch. Where we need to respond differently, act differently, take a different approach, and allow new influences and responses into our decisions, life and experience.
What worked in the past is not always what will work for the overall enhancement of our life.
We can’t know and understand this unless we take a pause, tune into our Higher Self/Soul Self – our own Inner GPS…

This month and into February the situations in your life will call you to look deeper.  Look to your own wounding and avoidance tendencies. Look where you seem to be doing the same old thing and expecting something different.
The emotional responses and emotional states that come up for you during this time will show you where you need to bring more attention into your life. For some this will be with your relationship with yourself, for others it will be your relationship with other people.  The Soul of Souls, the OverSouls, or Soul of the Universe is deeming that we apply love, compassion and patience to ourselves, as well as with others.  We are to come to know how others do harm, because they are our of love with themselves, the world and the universe…
A little side note, many of you have emailed about my Soul Insights blog and the fact that I didn’t post for a couple of months. J Thanx for missing it and thinking of me.  I am in a growth spurt and re-direction of energy and will be transferring this blog to my new site; which isn’t quite complete yet… I will still post here as it is going to take a bit more time to get all in order.

Please email me at: awakeningspodcast@gmail.com so I can put you on my blog list; as well as add you to my weekly Soul Insights…. I promise what is coming is so amazing, insightful, fun and playful that I just am soooo excited to share with all of you.
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Happy Holidays and Big Hug


September Soul Insights - We are at an Energetic Crossroad

Feel it out before you take that step…
Look before you take that leap…

This month is not a time to jump into or out of something before taking the time to evaluate your path and destination.

There are major energetic forces at play this month. You could call it a ‘Changing of the Guards’…. We are in a time where a redirection of energy, focus and expression is taking place.  

We are being guided into a new way of thinking about what is authentic to us, how to live more authentically, what do we value; as well as how do we focus more on what we truly value. 

On some level we are being challenged and guided to move away from more externally based gratification and materially centered gratification to more interpersonal and transpersonal fulfillment.  
This ‘Energetic Passageway’ is creating a vortex of energy at a crossroads.  Which road do we take? Do we take the road of growth and our next level on our own volition; or will we require extreme circumstances to prod us to our next level of growth and Soul Unfoldment?  

How we handle being cosmically moved along this Energetic Passageway; or gateway will determine how we experience our next level of growth and Soul Expression in the world.  Energetic Passageways are like initiation points. They are the ‘Cosmic Gatekeepers’.  They are also points of learning and/or putting what we have learned into practice.  The ‘Gatekeeper’; which is really within us determines whether we are ready to move onto our own next level of growth and Soul Unfolding.  

This Internal Gatekeeper; which sometimes seems to be someone or something outside us can tell if we are ready to move forward. It can also tell if we are holding ourselves back out of fear; or if we need a cosmic nudge, kick the pants; or a gentle nudge to prod us along.  This is also where our Inner GPS resides.  We are guided to the crossroads, however ultimately we have to decide.

September brings a time of evaluating and re-evaluating from a feeling level.  Ask yourself what feels right.  Does what you are doing seem to be insync with your growth potential, or are you being pulled into the lull of the comfort of the past.  Change brings a bit of discomfort and some fear as you step into the unknown. It is only the ego aspect of your being, whose ‘job’ it is to keep the status quo that fears change.  Your Soul thrives on growth and change.  Not the kind of change just for change sake, but the kind of change that reveals more Soul Expression and true fulfillment.  

Be open to 'Magical Helpers' in the form of people that can help you adjust your sails and align more to what you are focused on at this time.  These Magical Helpers bring forms of support, Soul Path confirmations as well as opportunities.  They also bring a level of truth, honesty and sometimes a nudge in the right direction for you.  Generally they will feel good and you will feel: "Hey this person really gets me.  This is so what I need right now."

Some of you might find that your evaluations this month have you changing gears.  If this is so ask for confirmation in your meditation and maybe from a few trustworthy reflections in your life, friends, or a teacher/mentor/guide that can give you an honest neutral reflection. If the confirmations come back a resounding yes, then move into the state of trust that you are on the ‘right path’ and that your change of direction is bringing you into more alignment on your path.

August Soul Insights: What Do You Love?

Do more of that….
This August brings a time of really yearning to do more of what you love.
It is definitely not a time to shirk responsibility. In fact it is a time to shore up what needs shoring up; or reinforcing. It is a time to look at your foundations in your life and see if they are supportive, fulfilling and meaningful in life.
The Collective Soul; which connects to the Soul in all of us is starting a new cycle where it is now requiring that we tap more into our Soul Essence and Spiritual Energy and bring this into our “everyday living and life”….
It is time to create situations, jobs/positions, careers, relationships and situations that are in more congruence with our Soul and Spiritual Nature.
The cycle that is coming into full swing is not about living in the “La La Land” of avoidance, the “airy fairy”, or doing a spiritual bypass.  Many “seekers”, people that think they are “spiritual” bypass the nitty gritty of the emotional experience and the material plane.  Well, the main reason we all are ‘here’ is to experience via our emotions and to manifest our experiences in the gross/dense physical form called earth or the material plane.
We are here to make our dreams a reality that is fulfilling, fun, full of growth, love, meaning and in a way that contributes; or gives back to the greater whole in varying degrees.  How this ‘giving back’ shows up in your life and is manifested depends on your Soul Design and Soul’s Purpose.  This is also one of the reasons it is so important now to find this out for yourself, tap in, align to this purpose and path to live this out abundantly.  I say abundantly because you can connect to what you really want to do in your life and live abundantly. 
Take some time in August to dream bigger, adjust your sails to what is more meaningful and prosperous for you.  Begin to think in terms of having and doing what you really want, even if on a smaller scale.  

All change begins with a change in perception and is step by step…
This month find a way to take a first step; and if you have been taking small steps, take a bigger step and not only see how you feel, but see where it leads you.

July Soul Insights - Releasing What is Out Dated and Making Room for More Soul Expressed Living

Everything has an expiration date...  Our beliefs, behaviors, goals, ways of relating and motivation in life need to be updated to make room for what is now more authentically us. In many ways spiritual growth and living more from our Soul is an undoing, unwinding and dismantling...

The energies of this month are about looking deeper, feeling deeper and going deeper…. This monthly cycle kicks off a larger inclusive cycle that will be continuing until the early Fall months.  We are all being challenged to not only look deeper, but go deeper. In some situations this will be something you feel you really need and want to do and in other circumstances it will seem that you are being forced to do so.  Change happens in the deep places; and in the spaces we feel a bit off kilter.... Just remember all is happening in alignment to your Soul and at the Directive of your Higher Self.

Where this depth is to happen will be in all areas of energy exchange and Soul expression – Meaning where and how you use and put your energy.  Are you giving enough out into the world?  Are you giving to others?  Are you giving to yourself?  Are you receiving enough from those closest to you?
You will be challenged to really feel where you are coming up short; and in many ways it maybe with yourself.
Sometimes it’s hard to ask for what you really need because in the past you didn’t get it; or those in the present are use to you asking…
Well, start asking…. Start taking….Start opening…

There is a misnomer in many “spiritual”, “new age” or “self growth” circles/beliefs that to ask; or to take is not seen as “spiritual”…. I put these titles in quotes as I feel they can be psuedo and not the real deal, so to speak, because they aren’t dealing with real life, real emotions and the practical aspect of life.  In fact most do a ’spiritual bypass’ on the emotional aspect of our being; which is a main reason we are all here on this earth….

The areas of life and relating that will be a challenge and that will be areas of deeper cleansing, clearing and understanding are:

For some it will be in your emotional life; especially relationships and count yourself in as a relationship.
Job/Career – Is it meaningful enough, and what is meaningful to you? …. Be honest
For some it will be in the area of personal goals, lifestyle
For others it will be in the areas of health, healing and taking your physical body into more into account in your life.
What is your physical health and what are your physical outlets; or celebrations? Yes, celebrations; how do you celebrate being in a physical body?

We are being required to really get to the bottom of the honey jar here… Where it is sticky and hard to clean….

We have our tools to use and some of them just don’t fit quite into the jar and some don’t quite get to the very bottom…

But don’t dismay just like with any cleaning you might have to use different tools, or let the jar soak…

If you are getting soaked now, meaning  you are feeling pressure; or that you are emotionally saturated by having to look at an issue for longer than you care to just know that all this is allowing you to free up from what is not truly supportive of you and your life.   Try not to judge your process at this time.  Judge or discern whether the situations and relationships in your life are supporting your growth and moving into your own next level.  In many ways we are all be challenged to be our own "personal best".  This is not a "personal best" of competition, right or wrong, but what brings more peace, fulfillment, self expression, loving relationships, growth and understanding.  If the growth you are experiencing is uncomfortable soon enough you will get use to it and feel more comfortable.  Think 'Big Picture' and longevity.  What is difficult today tomorrow is easy....Be prepared to delay gratification for more worthwhile causes and activities.

It's now the time for handling what has difficult for you materially and emotionally; as well. 
It is also time to master worry, and let go of thoughts that are non productive, non life enhancing and keeping you stuck in limiting version of you. We all have the capacity for growth, transformation and more fulfilled living.  It usually takes a change of  perceptions and what you focus on to enact this growth and transformation At this time you will be helped by your intuition which will give you the inner knowing and confidence to focus on the expansion of your life.  

Judge not others; however take time to judge what is right for you; what is in alignment to your authentic focus. Become aware of your environment and surroundings  You may find that others don't understand the change in you and the changes you are making in your life.  The test here is to keep to your authenticity and to relate from this place of being rather than try and "fit in".... As you understand yourself better and what your changes mean you will find less questioning from those around you. As in everything your attitude and confidence is key; and your confidence will come from trusting your inner knowing.

All that is not in alignment with our Soul Design and Soul Path is winding away, being ripped away; or we are being the choice to let it go.

This present cycle beginning this month is in preparation for a major turning point collectively and individually starting early this November.