Meditation is a Connection to the Living Question

Your life is a living question.  It is also the answer...

It is said in sacred text that you will find the answers within.  This true; however you need to pose the question.  This initiates the true seeker on their path and opens the door to the mystery of possibilities. It is true that the best mystery lies within and that in knowing the True Nature of the Self that all is revealed via this Inner Knowing... To know means to first question.  We cannot learn or know with out the question.

In questioning we move into a phase of seeking.  Meditation becomes a tool for answering not only the questions of the ego and surface mind, but as well as the deeper yearning we all have within us.
We seek what we feel is outside of us that we think will complete us.
What seems to be outside of us seems to hold the answers.   Through contemplation meditation we come to realize we hold the answers.

As we move into finding we feel we have found the answers.
The "right" people; like minded individuals are an answer.
We begin to see below the surface of life and find deeper meaning.
We find what connects us more to a deeper part of ourselves and gives new meaning to our life.

At some undefinable point we begin to really understand ourself and love ourself on a much deeper level. In loving and accepting ourself as well as our life it becomes easier to do this with other people.
We begin to say: "I just want to be me."
We then with much more inner knowing say: "I just want to be."
It is in this being that we move into a living mediation...  We begin to see that all our Spiritual Practice has brought us to a deeper place of Inner Knowing.

Take time through meditation to ask and notice your "Living Question".  How you live your life, what is in your life and what is of most value to you will reveal the question and answer of you life.   You will come to not only see, but appreciate your life as the "Living Question and Answer" of the All That Is...   You as the Divine Emmanation and Spark of the Universal Flow of the All That Is; or some might say God.  It is only from this reverence that you can find the deeper meaning in your life and life from this place of abundance.


April Soul Insights Forecast

Ready, Set....Whee..... as Tamera a friend of mine on the path says......

Yep, We have been Universally told to "Get on Ready".... Well, ready is here...

It's time to not just think: "Can't we all just get a long?"  It's time to really mean it and do it.  There maybe wars, but all is to serve a higher calling and expression of unity.

Look for areas of liberation, clarification and expansion in your life beginning this month; especially in the area of relatiionship.  This month you will gain clarity as to your own needs, wants and purpose on the path.  If there seem to be inner obstructions, delays, miscommunications and uncertainty of direction and purose in your relationships this month you will gain more understanding to make decisions.  Either outer circumstances will clarify for you, or you will receive the insight and inner guidance to make the most life enhancing choice; or action.  The Higher Self/Soul Self - Universal Mind, Source Energies, God Is-I Am; what ever you want to term this Energetic Princple and Innate Universal Intelligence is demanding that we grow and go in the direction of love, self expression, unity, and the not only the ability to "be there" for each other but the willingness and desire.

I  say action here, because for many the new energy focus will not be just about choice, but what is right action.  What is right action in this situation?  This is a great question to ask oneself at this time and to then "allow" the answer to come forth.  The best answers will not be via thought at this time, but from intuition and inner guidance.

A lot will be asked of you and required from you during this month.  This upleveling of what is required of us; and higher level of responsibility will continue throughout the summer and into the fall months.  By October most people will have a handle on this new level of spiritual awareness, ability to respond to the Soul Call and the self expression and love that this brings for each of us individually; as well as collectively.

We are meant to not only "be there" for each other, but also ourselves.  We are meant to really move into the we, and understand that a "true we" has a me in there as well.   There will be clarifications in relationships and a new level of understanding; as well as depth of care that will be present even in the most seemingly surface or transiting relationships.  It is not the duration of a relationship, or the history that will take key presendence in the New Paradigm, but the depth of connection, alignment, coherence and resonance.

The Individual and Collective Soul is indeed not only yearning to grow, expand in expression and experience, but in essence demanding this and setting up the relationships, opportunities, and situations synchronistically to be able to do so.

Situations will twist and turn to unravel you from situations that are holding you back from more Soul Expression.  Relationships will require extra care; however in this extra care and attention the rewards will be great.  Try not to stay locked in a conventional view of the actions, meaning of the actions of others and your life circumstances.  What seems to be "bad" can turn out to be the very best way for your Soul to grow and to receive what it  is you truly desire and need for the most love, light, understanding and your Soul's unfolding.


Love is Source

Love is experienced in relating to something or someone.
Love is experienced on this Earthplane in relationship.
However, the truth of love is that it is Source... It is the very subsance that we are as Divine Creator Beings - as Channels of Light...
Love is light expressed...

The Source Energies that we experience and express are love. In this way to feel love is to be love.  We feel love to th degree that we are being love and loved.  Ultimately this "love" is impersonal in nature, similar to the wind, the waves, the stars, the moon or the way the sun sets.
Love is nature and nature has it's ways inherent within it's qualities and character.

The wind can be a gentle breeze or blustery gust. It can be warmed over tropical waters or icy cold coming from a deep freeze.  How we experience the wind is not the wind's "fault". The calm cool breezes that embrace us are not done so in the way to soothe us.  The icey wind off the Nordic coast is not intended to accost us.  How we interpret this passion play of nature is up to us.

It is our personal interpretation that shines a light on our uniqueness. It is also this interpretation that reveals our next Soul Lesson, level and integrity of Soul Expression; as well as Life experience  that is up for us.

We are here to express the perfected Spirit that we are in imperfect form.  We are always a little "undone"; a little in process; as well as progress.  In this way our life, our love and how we love is always in a constant unfolding.  We are always emerging ever more whole in the effort for Source Energies to know and complete what can never be fully known and complete.

In love meditation is essential. For in loving we are simplying aligning and attuning to more of us... To the "us" that is beyond the personal and into the merging of the wholeness that we truly are and come from.  In love there is no place to arrive but only destinations to be visited and revisited.

When we are centered in self/Self; with the acceptance of what is, aligned to our Spirit through the breath we have connected in cosmically. You can also call this "meditation".
Love arises from the deep yearning and urge to reconnect to the All That Is (God)... We are the All That Is; this Spark of all life is us.... And, so in loving we are longing for the return of us to us... We are longing to  be whole again, to go into the center of All That Is and rest in the place beyond places.

As soon as we in our relating to something or someone take the energy of what we feel and bring it back into us our love deepens.... The love affair with the other takes on much more meaning and form.... Yes, the form becomes stronger and more potent.  Even if the form changes the love always remains for this is what we are; and how we express this with each other comes from the uniqueness of our Soul.

Consciousness is Love

As you expand in your Self Expression on the Soul Path you encounter more messages that seem to come from outside of you.  These messages or confirmations come because at a deep level you have asked for assistance, guidance and an affirming of your Inner Connection.  These messages, affirmations and confirmations come from the Loving - Guiding Principle of the Universe and the Undifferentiated Aspect That is You from and as the Universe. It is the All That Is "You" lovingly guiding you...

I call this part of the journey the "Magical Mystery Tour"... Life becomes much more magical, mystical and in a way surreal.  Synchronicities are at play, and you feel more alive and part of the "Big Picture" and All That Is of the Universe.

You begin to not only see but feel the interconnectedness of everything and everyone. This connects most intimately with the All That Is; or God... You feel the interconnection and begin to connect the energetic dots of the Resonant Fields; which to me are God.

We are each threads in this tapestry of life.  We are the woof and warf of the weave. In many ways we are the weave and the weaver; as well as the very fabric.  This fabric, or fabric of our being is Love.

What cannot in the New Paradigm and within the New Emerging Consciousness be leftout is the fuller expression, experience of love and a deeper understanding of the forms of love.

We begin to see now as Soul Beings to understand the love that is beyond form, but the formlessness of the very energy we are as Spirit in material form.  We begin to understand that Consciousness is Love, and that the more consciousness the more love experienced and expressed.

Our forms, our products, or replication of ourselves whether through prodigeny, children, businesss, systems, paintings, poems, inventions; or whatever is birthed through us are varying degrees and forms of love.  Anything and everything that comes through us, from us is an inner urge, a cry; and/or an expression; as well as experience of interconnection.

This interconnection is experienced and expressed in an innate need and willingness to connect and share; and not only give something from this exchange but to receive something.
This connect - share can be seen in personal relationships as well as business. One cannot be excluded from the other in this Earth Play of Consciousness.

The more we move into the realm of understanding of what we need as Consciousness Beings - beings that are consciousness made manifest, the more we realize that it's not the "things" of our life that sustain us, but the love of, and as our life that sustains and fuels us.


March Soul Insights Forecast -Get Ready for the Energy to Really Pick Up

March brings an energy of "new beginnings"  February for many was a time of endings, delay, "wait and see" and a lot getting moved around on the proverbial shuffle board.

March bring more shuffling, but also a deeper inkling into what is coming.... And all I can say is: "Whoa!"....

Get ready for the energy to really pick up, even if it feels like you aren't "doing much".  You will begin to feel an energetic shift like sand is shifting under you feet, and yet you feel lighter and more in balance to a Universal Flow.  The only way to align, attune and balance to this Energetic Patterning is to get out of the little mind and into Divine Mind... You have rise above the meshagas.

This will be key... Balancing to a Universal Flow and seeking ways to tap into "Big Picture" focus.  Now is not a time to be petty, be caught in lower level dramas or stuck in the extremes of duality. What does this really mean?  It means find, seek ways of rising above.

In times of uncertainty or conflict try and see both points of view; or as many points of view as you can.  See from the other person's perspective and of other possibilities.  Many times we get caught in directions because we only see one way and think that this way is the only way...

There are many ways, and some of the ways that will be presented to you might be ways that you either never thought of or thought you would "never do".  There is a reason there is the adage: "Never say never"....

March brings an awareness of more possiblities and more options.  Some of you will feel like you are on rollar blades or a fast moving skateboard.  The key here is find a way to skate... to float, to align to the present flow.

Remember all movement is some type of flow.  The Universe is demanding alignment to "What Is" and not to what was or we hope to it to be.  Learn to feel it out before making decisions.  Learn to discern what is "your stuff" and "someone elses stuff".  Learn to know what to do when someone elses stuff is up and running.  Have a place to rest either in your mind, or  a place to go literally.  A healthy quiet retreat whether physical or mental in nature is a good thing.  A healthy retreat is not cutting off, it is taking time to allow the energies to play out.

This month be open to the possibilities and dare to try something new; or do something in a new way. If you must do the old way, even if it isn't working then find a way to make this way new. In other words if you keep taking the same route to do your errands during the day at least change the time you do them.   The deeper Aspect of the All That Is wants to give you something new... The deeper Aspect is You...

Right now in your life there is a question to be answered, an issue to sort through and a puzzle to be solved.  Puzzle pieces are being moved around.  This month you will receive some new pieces. Some questions will be answered, some issues will be clarified.

We can't solve everything.... In truth we don't really solve anything we allow it to work out.

Death as a Soul Call to New Life

We are constantly in a state death.                                
We are dying to what was and being reborn to what is anew

This Birth - Death- Rebirth cycle is really one continuum.
I say rebirth because we are continually born from what was before and what we already are in nature.
The form changes; however the substance - Consciousness is the same. Consciousness just "Is".... What happens as we change and grow is we are able to handle, download, upload more Consciousness.

We avail ourselves to what is us of
a higher, more integrated nature.  We open to more of what is us.... This "us" substance beyond perceived form.

This is the way of our world and in fact the whole universe as an integrating, intersecting system.  The substance of the system is love in varying levels, expressions and ways.
Our Body-Mind System naturally wants to renew.
This is it's way of creating homeostasis, or balance.      
This balance is coherence, resonance and harmonization. This is also called love...

Since nothing; or "no thing" remains static we are always in a state of change...
Since love always wants what is best for us, it seeks to embrace, accept and at the same time change for what is better, more fulfilling and life enhancing.  Love seeks to better while remaining the same...

The "death" we seek to avoid is ever constant on a body level.
 The cells of the body die and renew.    The seasons of time are within the birth-death-rebirth cycle. In many ways it all  starts with death... Death is the void... The empty and not just the emptying. It is the pause point from what was in form and changing form.
Death is change. It is the transition from what was to what is about to be and inherent in this is a loss of what "was"
The loss that we experience on a human level through our psyche is the loss of control.
This loss is the state of "in between" It is a purgatory of the mind.

There is a saying:  "Better the devil that you know than the one you don't."  This saying, to me reflects the grasping and clutching control of the lower mind. This mind or aspect of human being would rather stay with "something" that it knows even if it is not life enhancing; and in fact it may even be detrimental, harmful or abusive in nature... However, it is known... It is known by the lower aspect of the mind-body system. The lower nature abhors the unknown.

The function of the lower nature is to keep functioning the status quo and to stabilize. This is very good indeed, except when the "Call of the Soul" is heard and felt; when that Divine Discontent, the Great Disruptor beckons... When the heart calls and the Inner Prompting and Inner Nudge of the Higher Self/Soul Self is felt we must step into the unknown, or the deep depths of Persephone.  We must scale a wall; or let down a wall. We must simply just be and move into what is and what calls us forth.

This is Soul Change...It is a call that is so deep.  Sometimes this change comes in moving out, away and individuating and at other times it is the request to move closer, connect, come within, merge.   This Soul Call can come through all forms of expression and experience.  This is what you are "here" to do.  Death is a type of Soul Call to new life unfolding.

The area and arena of your Soul Expression and Soul Experience will vary according to your Soul Design and Soul Path.  Timing is key here, as well as to the "time frame" and how your experience unfolds and is emphasized.   You will know the immediate path of your Soul Call by what is right in front of you.  Spirit puts all the pieces of the puzzle in front of you bit by bit for you to put together and over "time" more is given to you and added.  This "time" that is spoken of is "Synchronistic Time". It is the timing of when you, the other people in this particular experience and the collective environment are ready and available.

You see intrinsically death is about birth, or what is new.  In the tarot image the skull, the skeleton represent the structure of what is; it is also representing what was and is also called "the remains" . The  red of the cape represent the blood of life, giving as well as taking. When you think of life in conjunction with the menstrual flow this is even more evident.  The menstrual flow represents life giving, the ability to give life and sustenance. It is also the flow of what is not longer needed within the body and is a peeling away and releasing of an important part of the building block of creating life.  The white flower represents the new life and possibilities available and unfolding... The flower is the opening. If we remain open, new life appears, buds, blooms and blossoms...

Find ways to tap into your personal Birth -Death-Rebirth cycle.
Notice what is falling away; or where the space is in your life now. This space is the void... Death is a void and dying creates the void. It is in the space of falling, or breathing that the new enters.

Take time to focus on the space in between your "in breath" and "out breath"...
This will give you a clue and great insight into the void of what is leaving and what is becoming.
This will allow you the space to catch your breath and see what is opening for you.
Don't close the space or jam it full of things to do...
Just let it be and watch what begins to come in, to take shape and form.
You will see... and even more importantly you will feel it emerge and come into being via the space.

February Soular Forecast

It seems the energy of February is "the crossing on the bridge".  We are really bridging the old and the new.  It will become very apparent what has to go, is going; or already gone. This month you will become more aware of where you have been and either where you are going; or where you would like to go. This month envisioning, and appreciation will be key to your passage.
Also gratitude lists makes our "earth trip" a lot better, so I would suggest tapping into this pasttime as well.

Take stock this month of what has changed.  This change can be your attitude, an emotional state, someone new in your life, someone leaving your life; or a new realiazation.  This realization can be an awarenss, a new understanding; it can also be the insight that you have changed and have new needs and new focus.  Whatever awareness you perceive let it be through the lense of love... Self Love and Love of Others... Let this love be tempered with acceptance of what is and in acceptanc of yourself and others.   This will make your passsage more meaningful and palatable.

For some this realization will bring an awarenss of "what is missing" in one's life; for others an awarenss of what is present and new.  Whatever is missing to you will become a major focus for you this year.  Whatever is present begin to notice how it supports you.  If you feel it is not supportive or life enhancing look at "how it is or has served you".  If it is time to move it on down the road strive with compassion to see the Soul learning experience.

I like to say learning experience rather than Soul lesson.  We are here on this earthplane to express and experience.  A lesson is a word that also means punishment... Yep, and I do find many times implicit in the use of this word is this inference.  That somehow something is happening in your life because you didn't learn the "lesson" before, whether
this lifetime or another; or that you did something "wrong".

The Soul does not judge and our Spiritual Essence is not conceived or enacted through judgment.  As humans we need to judge if something is "right or wrong" for us; however many times this judgment revolves around a not accepting or understanding our path.

This month there will be, if you take the time, more time to gain a deeper understanding of your path and what you need at this time on your path.  The word "time" is emphasized here as time is one of the ways we measure experience.  Time can be seen as a continuum of experience.  It is where space and energy meet.  Time can also connotate "timing" as in the rhythm and pace of one's life. In this way it can mean flow.  Time can also mean a single event, or a point in one's life.  Time can mean a moment and it can also mean now....

This February take the time to notice, to really notice where you are at this "point of time"  See what it is you really value, and what has become seconary and superfluous.    Check to see if the "extra" in your life is holding you back.  Where is there too much; or an imbalance?  Seek ways to bring more balance into your life.  You may also find yourself needing more contemplation time, or alone time.

This month will bring a focus on what nurtures one emotionally and what is missing emotionally.  For some people this will mean a sharp sense of what is missing, or someone; as well as some people leaving one's circle of friends and group.  The energies of this cycle are further cutting through what is actually holding you back from what is essential you.  If someone leaves your circle of friends, collegial or work setting it will because there is no longer enough resonance to keep the connection.  If you are seeing more "leaving than coming" know that in the open space you will now draw to you what is more of resonance, harmony and life enhancement in your life.

Magical Helpers

Living  in resonance with the most harmony; as well as coherence brings you into living via synchronicity.  When we live this way, we attract "magical helpers".   This is a term I use to give example to how seemingly impossible situations can turn around and even be of the greatest benefit.  It is as if the Universe is putting in our path; or us in a person's path exactly what is needed.  It is here we connect with, bump into, come into contact
with just the "right" person or people to assist us, help us, lift us up, guide us, inspire us, hear us, collaborate with us - to do what ever is genuinely needed in the situation.

These "magical helpers" are the ones that seem to magically show up in situations where you need help or a need is to be filled.  When you are accepting of "what is" you are in resonance to what is actually happening.  These magicians of the light are sent to help light our way.  They bring us their light; or actually are a conduit for Source Energies Light.   The may not even know on an human level how much they are helping us in a particular situation.  They are just showing up doing what they do.

We only attract these magical helpers when we are aligned and in tune with our personal flow.  This however does not mean that all might be too our "liking"; or that we are having an easy time of it in our life.  Sometimes situations are exacted on a Soul level to further our learning, growth experiencc and to facilitate more trust or faith in our life.

Magical helpers are drawn to us when we ask either in conscious awareness or subconsciously for assistance and/or a need to be filled.  Sometimes the Universe is sending us magical helpers, they are there right in front of us; however we may think we need help from a certain someone or a certain type of someone.  It is as if the magical helper is tapping on our shoulder saying: "Here I am. I am here to help you."  And, we mistakenly are looking right past them to someone else that can't really be there for us now.  Look to your life to see who is tapping on your shoulder.... You might be surprised how much help that is there for you and been there for you.

Years ago I did a major move and I didn't know very many people in the area.  I had a string of as some would say: "bad luck" or trying - challenging situations.  For some reason I didn't feel daunted. I was being pushed to my "faith limit"; however as I recall I was doing a lot of chanting at the time and over all spiritual practices and pasttimes.   Well, the stretching point was my car broke down and needed major repairs. I had to find a new place to have it fixed; as well as get a ride home from the mechanics.   I got my car to the repair shop and when we finished with the paperwork the mechanic asked where can we drop you? I said oh, you'll give me a ride home?  He said yes, and pick you back up if you like...  I was prepared to get a cab.... Prepared is an optive word here.  Be prepared, however in that preparation you are saying "yes" to the Universe and Life and this is where the magic lies like the coiled serpent of wisdom waiting to spring forth.

The next day in my meditation I looked back on the trying few weeks I had and I saw so clearly how I had been lead, guided and that there were so many magical helpers for me.  I was in this new place, but not alone.

The Universe acts upon your response and by what you ask.
You have to ask...

Soular Forecast For January - Let Your Light Lead the Way

This month starts the pace of energy for the whole year.  For some it will be fast paced and others a bit slower.  However the one major aspect for all this year is an unpredictable pattern and rhythm of the energy flow.

 A couple of other key aspects of the energy pattern for January and the whole year in general will be one of patience and gratitude.  Patience will give you a depth of understanding and gratitude will assist you in coping; as well as acclimating to the "start-stop" aspect of the new energy pattern.  What will help you navigate this month; as well as the year is your own Inner Light.  Getting to know your own inner guidance system and in gratitude letting this part of you lead the way.

This energy pattern has been slowly emerging; however we hit a critical mass turning point in  October 2011 and November 11-2011 ( 10-11-11/11-11-11) During this time period there was a heightening of the frequency of energy - both individual and collective.   The pattern was really anchored in from December 12, 2012 onward (12-12-12).  There has been quite a bit written about the numerical symbolism of these dates; as well as what this means energetically. There are a few post on my blog explaining this further.

Due to the new energy pattern and the consciousness that this stems from more will be required of us.  This more is to live more authentically aligned to our True Nature, to live more in harmony with ourselves and others, to be more self expressed, creative and more loving with ourselves and each other.  In other words we will be stretched to the next phase/limit in the areas of our beliefs, actions, thoughts, tolerance, acceptance, respect for others and to a large degree with how we relate with others; as well as with ourself.

This January will bring an exact awareness of what is blocking or holding you back.  This is a bit of a testing month. If you have been diligent and self aware you will be able to understand and harmoniously flow with the changes that are  being initiated for the the year.  If you have not been contemplating your growth lessons and what new areas of direction are opening up for you this month will bring a pointed awareness of this through testing.  This testing is all about temperance.  Tempering the imbalances and excesses in your life.

This month's message is: Cut the excesses, move past your losses, begin to integrate and assimilate the new.  Patterns of limiting beliefs, doubt, fear and any type of behavior that does not bring a sense of temperance to your life will be brought to the forefront of your consciousness to be healed and eliminated.  It is said that 80% of growth is awareness.  You can not positively heal and change what you are not aware of in your psyche and life.  January brings a fuller awareness and understanding on this maxim.

Take time this month to do an honest inventory of what needs healing, change and growth in your life. Look at the behaviors, beliefs and mind set that is no longer life enhancing and keeps you stuck in the past.  This month brings an awareness of a great need to move forward.  Your next level of unfolding is calling you.

Some key areas of contemplation and questions for this month are:

1- What patterns of behavior and beliefs are holding me back and bringing more pain into my life.

2- How can I joyously facilitate my new growth?

3- Look at all you have to be grateful for in your life.

4- Become more aware of how much support you have in your life from friends, family, your routine, inner knowing, etc.

5- Acknowledge and move into gratitude for the support in your life.

Gratitude Ritual to Set Your Intentions for the New Year

We are being so supported right now by our Higher Self, Guides, Ancestors on the "other side";  especially our  parents and grandparents.

We are in a very powerful time of new beginnings…
We are winding out of what was and into what is and unfolding.

We are in the void of the old leaving and the new being drawn in; birthed in…

Take time during the next few days to see and understand what is missing in your life and what you need/want to draw in for this next year cycle on your path.

I suggest from the first of January to the third (you can do later if need be; however I would start before the 2nd week of the month) to take stock of what has transpired in your life over the year.  Look at what you drew in and experienced as well as what was emphasized for you.
Then look at "what is missing" What do you need and want more of in your life for more balance and fulfillment.
For some it will be in the area of structure, for some career, others relationship/s, for some perhaps a new project, maybe health….

A ritual that helps you to release and consciously create space for the new; that which is emerging through you and as your life:

0- Get a votive candle- A white  candle is universal for a combination and all situations to focus on and  draw into your life.
Anoint it with either lavender, sage, bergamot, rosemary, mint, lemon or orange oil.  You can also do a combination of any of these. Make sure the essential oils you use are lighter in nature. For this reason citrus based can be very good. You want to use oils that are uplifting to you.

1-Do a gratitude list of what you are grateful for from last year.  List learning lessons and wisdom that you have gained; as well as new insights and life skills you now have.
Meditate on this list and really focus on the feeling that what is on the list has served you and is part of your support inner and/or outer.
2- Create a list/vision of what you now want to draw in.  Let this writing be very free form.
3-Light your candle and burn your gratitude list using the affirmation below.  Tune into the feeling of appreciation and that you are complete with what you have experienced this past year and that you see/feel the benefit.  If you have trouble seeing the benefit of what you have experienced do some journal  on it; or connect with a friend to help you through this.
4- Place your list/write up of what you want to draw in next to your votive candle.
5- After burning your gratitude/completion write up let your candle stay lit until it goes out naturally.

I appreciate and understand the learning of what I experienced. In gratitude I release what was to now allow what is coming in for me. Realizing all was for my highest good and most Soul Expressed Fulfillment I now release in love what was for what is now unfolding for me. 

You can focus on this affirmation for the next 21 days. If you feel you want to extend the candle ritual you can.  The main focus is to really feel the gratitude and work to understand why you experienced what you experienced in 2013. This way you can complete consciously and with awareness.  Realize you are allowing the void to draw in.
The smoke from the candle in burning your paper is a carrier wave to Spirit for your wants/needs/wishes.Your gratitude fuels this carrier wave.  In truth gratitude signals that you are not only ready to "move forward", but that you see the deeper meaning in what you have experience and understand the gifts and blessings.  In seeing, as well as understanding the blessings in our life we are freed from the past.  We automatically move into the present to enact our future through feeling blessed.  A person cannot feel blessed in the present while holding onto their past. Recognizing the blessing and the gifts from our experiences moves us into the present.  It is upon the releasing of the old and the energy that this frees up that the new is drawn into you and your life.  The smoke symbolizes this energy.

A very important aspect of "new beginnings" is an appreciation of what went on before. What you experienced before to a larger or lesser degree supported your path. Endings are just as important as beginnings and every true ending has a new beginning inherent within it.  Endings and beginnings are inextricably connected. In essence they are the same. 
Always in the seed of the old is the new.

What is the Secret? Living Authentically You....

Let go of “perfectionism” in choice of really living.  Waiting for the "perfect" anything literally stops your life flow energy, or Prana.  What you receive in life is part of an energetic undertaking that is unfolding in ways that are meant to enhance your life. If what is unfolding in your life is not to your "ego-personality" liking, then take time to step back and take in the bigger picture... You can be off course; however more often it is something is unfolding that "you" didn't plan; or that you can't control... This is Soul Growth.   If "it's" here in your life it is needed and necessary. It is of resonance.....Until it's not....  
The "secret" is to find what is.  Everything is needed and necessary until it isn't.... When it isn't then something or someone new comes into your life.  This way of living and understanding requires living deep and soulfully - meaning connected to your Soul.  The risk or "secret" is to live more authentically you.... This requires a stepping back and short removable of yourself for the "pack".  Until you "get" this Secret you live in delusion and in the hopes and schemes of others. You allow others to dictate to you never knowing the truth of you.
You cannot really live if you are micromanaging your every move and decision.  In truth you have a wonderful mechanism within you that leads you always in the “right”; or most life enhancing and fulfilling direction; as well as choice.  This is your heart and intuition. Your heart is actually a form of intuition communication.
When making decisions and going in a certain direction if you feel an opening in your heart-lung area then it is a life enhancing decision.

This is a very interesting and for some scary modus operandi. It is want a person "so wants to do"; "let me live with abandon and follow my heart".  Yet, in our culture we not only do not celebrate this we do not normally give perimeters on "how to" do this.  The joi de vive so many seek is left for romance novels, tabloids and unfilled dreams....

And, yet this is HOW your Soul works..... Yes, it is.... This way of being is innate to your Soul.   Your Soul creates via a building block of activities, situations, people and relationships.  You don't always see the whole creation, but receive each block that is needed to build upon the previous one... This requires faith and a trust in your Inner Knowing.  Not for the faint of heart. It is a wonderful magical mystery tour with you both at the helm and as a passenger; but it's worth it... and you can get the hang of it as it is innately you.

The decisions that are the most life enhancing, healthiest, loving, abundant, prosperous and fulfilling come from a resonance to your heart. This can be felt in your body and in an intuitive knowing.  A major problem has been that most, if not all of this has been socialized and through enculturation removed or minimized from most people's psyches. 

A huge part of the Awakening is a reclaiming of your own innate inner guidance and wisdom.  In many ways is awakening more to the truth of who you are and being than about learning something new.

I know for me and my Soul Path I am opening to more new directions and living beyond where I was; as well as being even more receptive to my Higher Self.  Many friends and clients of mine have commented on how I have listened to my intuition, Higher Self and  took great risk.  A part of me always reflects on the Higher Self Directives and promptings  I didn't take.... No judgement here; however I think it is important that we don't compare and realize that each of us no matter how "evolved" are working through their own growth, Soul Expression and unfoldment.

For those of you that are forerunners and leaders in your family, relationships, community and Soul Pack just know that you venturing forth does have a profound, good and life enhancing effect on those around you.  I do know that you experience opposition and sometimes ridicule. Just know that the more ridicule and "calling out" you experience the more you are on your true path.  You must always do your own inner workr/Sou growthwork and not "fool" yourself.  However the fact that people judge you is a sure sign you are connecting with something deeper, more profound and spiritual in nature.   What cannot be explained unsettle most people in the mainstream.

Remember that your Higher Self/Soul Self will never have you do anything that is contra-survival or non life-enhancing.  Believe it or not the Higher Self choosing what is of most common sense, not always in a literal sense, but in a sense than can be eventually quantified.