December Forecast - Stumbling blocks can be stepping stones…

This month there are many openings, opportunities and situations in mid swing.
Think of yourself as a trapeze artist in mid swing… You are at the point of leaving the platform to fly and you have not yet landed.
This position in midair requires a lot of trust and at the least faith.  Being stuck in midair; or in the middle of a situation doesn't mean there isn't an optimal or postive outcome. It requires faith, trust and belief in a pervading 'higher power'...  This month there is a call to recognize that which is unseen and that there is a power deeper and more intrinsic than what we can know cognitively.  There is a Divine Power... This power is based on what is most optimal and innately focuses on healing to bring more balance, peace, calm and fulfillment.
You might find yourself dealing with “old recurring patterns”; or situations you thought you moved on from and left behind.
The focus this month is on “new beginnings and following the openings; however they appear”.
Try not to over focus on the blocks… Many times what blocks us on our Soul Path ultimately is either a learning lesson or the an opening we couldn’t yet see.
As humans we tend to be very literal.  We tend to also focus on externals.  What I can share with you is that externals are not the totality of what is unfolding in our life. Many times what we do not see, but do feel is the truth of a situation or the beginning of what is coming to be in our life.
The New Emerging Consciousness of the New Paradigm requires that we see with our mind’s eye and intuitive self; which means we need to see beyond our “physical eyes”.
The “New Emerging Consciousness” is just that… It is a consciousness that is newly emerging.
This means that it is new to us- the ego; or personality “us”.  So, this new way of being and acting is something we all are learning and integrating in our life.
Since we are all learning “this something new” we need to give it time and also be aware of the fact that there is some anxiety and fear associated with this new way of being and expressing.
For the ego part of us; which is the part that likes to keep the status quo, this way of being and acting is very unfamiliar.  When we use tools like meditation and various forms of inner work to get past the ego part of us we do feel a great sense of familiarity in this way of being and acting.  This new way of being and expressing is of the Soul. 
When we are Soul Led and Soul Fueled we do get into uncharted territory.  To live the way of the Soul we need to trust the Soul Self/Higher Self.  This is the part of us that leads via intuition and feeling beyond feelings.
This December will bring a lot of converging situations and some will be coming to a head.  For some this will mean situations that seem confusing or uncertain and for others it will be situations that they feel they don’t have the control.
The reason this is happening is for all of us to depend more on the Spiritual Aspect of our being and to focus on Soul Qualities.   It is time to move past over egoist and material concerns.
The material part of the earth experience is important; however when it over shadows the spiritual – intuitive-feeling part of us this creates and imbalance that over time becomes toxic. 
This month it is time to focus more on feeling… This is the feeling beyond feelings. Feeling what is right for you and what is optimal for you.   Feeling what is in your heart. It is not about feeling good or bad; but learning to feel from an intuitive self.  Feelings are amazing, as well as emotions.  All feelings and emotions are ok.  They only become toxic when they are chronic – stuck states.  It isn’t so much what you feel, but how you process, or allow it to move.
The feeling that is beyond feelings is the realm of the intuitive or psychic.  Psychic means coming from the psyche or soul.  There are a type of feelings that are based on intuition and not emotion.  This is the pathway of expression and interpretation that we are all being led to on a Soul level.
For many so much will open this month.  All is a preparation for the next level of the New Paradigm.  Your thinking and analyzing will not help you’re here or help you navigate this terrain. What will help you is to focus on enduring values, love, connecting, sharing and what you feel in your heart.

This month don’t push, don’t pull, don’t try and force.  See and feel what is unfolding for you and seek ways to assist in the direction that is unfolding.  The opening and opportunities that are now coming into the forefront will be more important for you than you might perceive at first.
This month begin to see how your stumbling blocks will now lead you as steps and stepping stones to your next level.

November Forecast – Seek Inner Dimensions & Outer Expression

This month brings a bit of a polarizing energy experience.
On the one hand there is an energetic pull to reach out, extend out and activate.  
A part of the energetic pattern this month is to push us or pull us up, out and forward. The energy beckons us to reach out, explore the outer realms and outer relationships.
The other aspect of this polarity is to go within, to go deep, to sleep to lull into dream states.  There is an energetic pull to go within and cocoon, to cuddle with someone; or be alone with one’s own thoughts and inner embrace.
It would bode well to think from the Soul connecting into one’s Higher Self; or expanded aspect of consciousness and do both.
In the Spirit realm and therefore the Soul the urge is always for both… 
The word “both”; as well as “and” are Soul words.  The signify expansion and inclusion.  They also imply balance, and resting in the center of the polarity plane.  “And” as well as “both”  are words and actions from these words that encourage a new possibility.  This possibility comes from not being stuck rigidly in either end of the polarity plane.

We are entering a Gateway/Portal of Light this month and so there is also an intensification of energy.  There is a push to do more and you will be feeling more of whatever you are feeling and experiencing.

Just because there is an intensification of energy doesn’t mean that we have to intensify…
These Gateway/Portals of Light are occurring as an acclimation tool and barometer of the energy pattern of the New Emerging Consciousness of the New Paradigm.

We all are learning to allow, absorb and acclimate to more electrical energy and being more magnetic.  This means we are learning to let the “Feminine Principle” lead in receptivity to the “Male Principle” of Creation.  Meditation, being in nature, movement, unstructured dancing, listening to music and other right brain emphasized activities are a great help.

This month take some time to pull back, check out, tune in, go within and connect inwardly…
This month also take the time to extend out, reach out and connect outwardly…
Balance is key this month and playfully, without self judgment, learning how to manage and harness this new energy pattern.  Much will be done by not resisting or fighting, but by allowing what is and finding optimal ways to align with it.

October Soul Insights Forecast- Hope Springs Eternal

Hope can be like a sprout from a plant or a sprout of a new leaf on a flower. It is like new growth that needs to be nurtured along to fully sprout and blossom.

When we are hopeful, we not only believe, but know things can get better. Partly because they have in the past.  

Hope is a door opener... Hope sees openings in cracks, fissures, breakdowns and see growth in decay.   

Hope does "spring eternal", and not in a "Polly Anna" way.
Hope is an life enhancing frequency and brings about resonance, healing and optimal health.

For some reason many on the " New Thought", Metaphysical and Spirituality Path have "poo pooed' 'hope'.  Many say: it is like "trying" and to not try, but "just do it".... Well, I don't know about you, but "trying" I know is a prelude to doing or knowing.  Trying implies persistent effort; and it is in our "trying" that we have the breakthroughs. It is also in our hoping and the state of 'hope' that we not only shift our circumstances, but bring about the answer and/or better circumstances in our life.

October bring a focus on hope, openings and more directions being revealed.
If you have felt a bit like you are in a fog on top of a mountain or in the mists of Avalon October will bring further clarity and understanding.

The key is to keep an open mind, go with your heart, trust you gut and listen to what feels most optimum to your body.  Your body is an amazing receiver, tuning fork, and transmitter.

Expect to drawn in people from your past in uncanny and synchronistic ways.  It is ok to have realistic expectations.   These are different than attachements.  Expectations set an intention in the Universe and your relationships... They show you the dynamics, the needs/wants and the potential of what is unfolding... Release the need to over control or be overly attached.

Bond with love and leave some space for the unfolding to occur.
There is a greater focus on relationships and overcoming misunderstanding.  If for some of you there are more misunderstandings than understandings remember:  

                                         Misunderstanding is a prelude to understanding ~
                                                               Carol K Anthony 
                                                          A Guide to the IChing

Being more authentically focused, trusting yourself and being yourself are really key this month.
Taking the time to really see and know what sustains you, nourishes you and fulfills you in your life; as well as relationship will be a major focus.

This month take time to look around.  Reflect, review and renew what brings you hope.  Gratitude is a state of mind and action that harnesses the energy of 'hope' 
Wherever you are hopeful there will be openings, beneficial connections, dreams fulfilled and miracles.


September Soul Insights - The Fool on the Hill with a Bit of Wisdom

This month expect the unexpected and be open to change and surprises on all levels.  Expect disruptions in your environment and routine, and for some in your mind.... New thought patterns are peeking through and for many people this starts an inner urge for major change.  This urge for change will definitely be for many in the area of their career and "work purpose".... You will want to define your life more and refine it to better suit your current needs, desires and Soul Expression....

Life is transition and change; however there are times when this is emphasized and prevalent.

September is about breaking up the monotony and being open to change.
Sounds pretty "matter of fact" and like an everyday truism; except that as "human beings" we not only don't like change we resist it.

Many people that I have met over the years that state:  "I love change. Change is just a part of life" are unfortunately many times the most "stuck" people that I know.  They really are not open to change, and many of these people think that change is having a lot going on.... This is not always reflecting change.

Change is first and foremost internal...It is a lot of feelings that are ambiguous at best and rising uncertainty, doubt and discomfort at the worst.  The "inside job" kind of change is when you begin to feel a subtle "pressure" that something in your life no longer quite fits the same. You also will feel, what spiritually is termed " Divine Discontent".... This longing, urging, nudging, prodding discontent is coming from your Soul.  It is the urge to grow and for more.

Sometimes the urge to grow or for more is actually a call for less.  To lessen your life load.  This lessening, thinning and pruning can be getting rid of "stuff".  However, when the deeper levels of this pruning come over you the "stuff" you will be getting rid of is also the need and use of titles, names, training, agendas.  The lightening that occurs requires a stripping down.  Many in the area of Self Development and Spirituality call this:  "Becoming childlike again and having child-like wonder".  The difference is now you have the wisdom, the life experience coupled with this wonder, awe, curiosity, openness.... It is child-like innocence coupled with wisdom.... This is why so many great Sages, Mystics and even the Buddha are tricksters and have such a great sense of humor.... They see and feel the absurdity and depth, the meaning and meaninglessness of life.... It is all full circle.

This month find ways to make peace and come full circle... Prepare to begin again, and this time with even more joy and openness.  It is the time of the "Fool".... The Fool sees the journey far ahead and embarks anyway... The Fool also underestimates the ETA, and what is on the path.  The Fool falls short and comes out even better than expected... And, this is key.... "Better than expected".... The Fool shows us our folly in planning, and yet we need to plan.... It is a form of folly to judge our circumstances and others because on a little self/ego level we don't and can't see the whole picture. It is folly to think we are alone or have to do 'it" all on our own.... It is folly to not ask for help. It is folly to dive into the waters of relationship and hope to not get our toesies wet...

It is folly  to think we have "arrived somewhere, or "think we are something" when we are always arriving and always becoming something"  On a Soul level we are always in an unfolding, and yet the purpose of the human ego is to maintain and stabilize what it perceives "we have become".... It is folly to think we are finished.....
See your folly and laugh... Laugh a deep belly laugh....

Take this month to find ways to see the circle of life and circuitous aspect of your life path. Notice what is repeating and find ways to bring peace, understanding and compassion to this; as well as gratitude.... Gratitude will move you along the spiral of light and life more completely and in more of a fulfilled manner.
Begin to "schedule in more play time"... See the absurdity in this - to "schedule in"... It is time to consciously live and integrate the duality of this Passion Play.

You cannot rise above what you cannot see....


August Soul Insights - Live your Bliss and Passion

This month begins a 2 1/2 year focus that  will be on dreams, visions and goals coming into fruition.... The key is to follow your passion, joy and bliss...

For some people they like to call manifesting; or I like to actually say letting their life unfold, manifesting their dreams.  Other people call it visioning, or envisioning; and some call it goal setting.
Whatever you call this focus and process doesnt really matter.  

What does matter is that you begin to do it now with more focus and self understanding than perhaps you have ever done.
It is time to take stock on all levels, however taking stock emotionally will take key prescedence.  The "emotional body" is sooooo important on the Soul Path and in our life.  it has really gotten a bad wrap, by in my opinion people that didn't or don't know how to really connect emotionally and harness this energy.  We are emotional beings...

Our emotions are energy in motion. They are the carrier wave that our passion and drive comes from within us. It is us energetically and we us this energy to express.  It has erroneous been called 'pain body" and other pejorative terms.... This term reminds me of the early religious philosophies that the whole focus was not to be here on earath, or earthed but to meditate to a higher level of some sort.  Believe me I spent time with some of these religions and philosopies.  Then I thought: " Where are we suppose to be going; and if we are here are we meant to be here; and isn't all spirit anyway?"  

We are spirit in physical form; consiousness made manifest., Also, if there is only oneness then all aspects of our being are needed, necessary and integral to all of life.Honestly if you didn't have emotions and a physical body you wouldn't be on earth.  The idea and understanding that we are unique beings, cool as we are and that we how we are is not an aberation, but how we are meant to be and express is going to become more prevelant.  This doesn't mean you don't hone your skills, get coaching/assistance in areas of your life; or have to learn things. What it does mean you don't try and change your core you = True Essence.

This means you let yourself unfold, get to really know yourself as you are and live this and not someone elses version of you.  This is so important for people to really get now....  You find this via resonance and by what brings you more emotional energy.  This emotional energy enlivenes your spirit and brings creates the physical energy to do what you are impassioned to do in your life.

What brings you joy and a sense of fulfillment in all areas of your life will become even more important than "climbing the corporate ladder" if this is not "your thing"..... If you don't know what 
"your thing" is...hmmm time to find "it"... or "its"... It can be many things, and usually it is a composite of things in your life that fit together in a way to reflect  your unique "you"....
If "your thing" keeps changing; or you are in a major change time to go exploring.  If what you have 'been doing has lost a bit of it's mojo for you, then time to do some inner and outer research.  Go on a "seeking and exploring" mission... 

Truthfully most "adults" don't do this enough in their lives.  Kids are great at it... Somewhere for most around 32-35 this begins to slow down or stop.... Honestly, from a Soul perspective it should never stop.  We are meant to keep unfolding...growing, learning, experiencing and expressing.  From the view of our Soul and from our Spiritual Esssence we never are complete, done, or "grow up" We learn to express more, expand our awareness more, open to more consciousness and conscious expression.

This month begin to understand your emotional energy more.  Begin to see it as a barometer of what you are either needing or going through in your life.  When I speak of emotions this way I don't mean "emotionalism" or histrionics.  i mean what raises your level of emotional balance allow you to access a feeling of what truly brings you joy?  Our emotions our an instrument as well as barometer in our life.  They need to be flexible and in tune, just like a guitar, piano; or any other musical instrument. 

 Where you are impassioned and enlived this is the direction to move towards...... Seek to find ways to love yourself, others and your life more.... Seek ways to live out your passion in more ways of self expression.

Dive Into Your Life - July Soul Insights Forecast

Clarity - Clearness - Calm
These are 3 attributes that are needed during times of transtion, change, uncertainty 
and movement of any kind.

Like a diver that is about to dive clarity of the focus, clearness of mind and  a calm composure are needed to align body, mind, spirit into a poised dive.

Prepare to dive more into your life this month.... Whether projects, moves, career, clearing out; or relationships focused alignment to your path; or realignment will be required.

This month expect pathways and new directions.
This month marks the beginning of a major turning point or crossroads for many that will culminate in October -November of this year.
For some this will be on the relationship front, for others career or lifestyle.
There will be physical and literal moves and changes; as well as inner restlessness.

We come out of the Mercury Retrograde on July 1st and we have another major astrological shift when Jupiter leaves Cancer.  Jupiter has been fanning the flames of the previous Grand Cross and T Square.  I only mention this to give a little more shape and form to the energetic phases that  are taking place in the subtle energy that we all are comprised...

Many people are sensing changes are afoot and beginning to really feel their own inner changes.  Remember change is like a deep river - and a reservoir or lake.  The run deep and yet pool or converge at the surface.

When we change internally our outer circumstances change to meet the inner change.  When we experience outer change or disruption it is because enough has changed on an inner level, or subconsciously that we need either new circumstances, people, partners and/or environment to meet our Soul Growth.

Expect a return of friends, lovers, "exes" of all sorts to spring back in your life for another go round ; or check in and look see.  Each of you will be "looking and seeing" if there is anything worth rekindling, revamping or re-exploring.  For some this will be on a business level, for others it will be very personal.    There will be a restless stirring of Divine Discontent that is pointing the way to more fulfillment on the horizon. Our Soul after all is meant to play in this Divine Play of Consciousness. If you have felt you have been on the sidelines for too long, this month that will begin to change. Participation in life is the name of the Soul game.

Our Soul is similar to a kaleidoscope it has not only many shapes and colors, but hues and shades of the same colors. It has dimension and breadth, width and depth. It really is challenging to describe our Soul as it comprises so much. It not only relays the meaning, focus, purpose and interests of "us", but the lessons and life experiences we will draw to us.  It also reflects our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual constitution and focus.

As we further journey on the  Awakening part of the life path of the New Paradigm we will be more intently nudged and directed toward more creativity, self expression and ways of collaborating, cooperating,connecting and sharing with each other.

This month brings a deeper realization of the Soul's true needs and wants; as well as ideas of how and where to realize these needs.
Keep a little more space open for exploring, researching, playing and for the unexpected. You also might find yourself changing up your fitness, exercise routine.  For some this might mean more yoga and for others you might need the playful movement of roller blading or hooping.  The energy of inner and outer movement will be calling and how each person responds is as individual as each Soul Design.

June Soul Insights Forecast- Change is in the air...

Change..... Change.....Change is in the air.  For some this will be inner change; or a preparing for major change, and for others this will be outside circumstances causing change.

Expect delays on your plans, and a "start - stop -start - stop" pattern to action. There will be for many disclosures that will ultimately cause delays or change your plans.  The intentions and motivations of others will become clearer.

This month you may "see the writing on the wall" but not be able to do anything about it. This is ok. Next month you will be able to pick up the reigns and make more decisive action.

If you feel this month like a lot is slipping away just know that this is temporary... One area of "slipping away" will be the idea of control.

You may not be able to control your routine, the intentions or actions of others, however you can control how you respond.

There is an Amish proverb that states:  Keep your words soft and gentle incase you have to eat them.   Well, this month will be a testament to this saying.  Be careful of rash judgment in speech and action. Be careful not to cut off from people and situations, and yet take time to state your truth and feelings.  Decisions that organically evolve will bring the best conclusions.

For some this month will be really quite introspective.  You might find yourself being drawn to more alone time, healing work and reflective time.  For others you may feel like you are busting at the seams to be free.... Free from what will be different for each individual.

One of the major changes this month will be a focus on what is stabilizing.  Many people will find themselves questioning their routines, activities and relationships.  The ones that foster a positive trend and optimum living will stay and the others that are not as life enhancing will either drift away or be whipped out of your life.

I suggest that you set aside extra time for contemplation and reflection; as well as schedule in some additional time to explore something new.  The energies of this month are creating deep change whether inner and outer.  The cycle that is started this month will culminate in October throughout the end of this year.  This is the beginning of something new....

Soul Insights Affirmation:
All that enters and exits my life is by Divine Appointment
I am aligning to the flow of my life

Focus on Empowering Trends

If you want to empower the energetic trends and synchronistic timing in your life don't focus on the trends that seem to be working contrary to what you want.

Avoid making too much of your "problems", challenges and difficulties that you face.  What seems insurmountable today in the near or distant tomorrow will be seen to have been not only doable, but maybe even a way to grow and move forward.

When you have taken full advantage of the opportunities, synchronicities and openings in front of you new ones will take their place.  This is all orchestrated by your Higher Self and your connection to Source.  Remember all comes from Source Energies.  These Source Energies work through and as people and your circumstances.

Concentrate on what is working and find constructive ways of reinforcing these trends and circumstances.  As much as possible keep your attention on what is constructive and release the need to focus on what seems to be negative.  Positive forces and focuses bring more life enhancing energy, vitality and reinforce positive trends.

When you focus on life enhancing trends you foster more resonance, coherence, harmony and connect to the True Universal Will and the Archytapal Pattern of your Soul Design.  This always brings the most love, life enhancement and fulfillment to your life.

May Soul Insights - Dreams Unfolding

 May is a time of dreams rearranged, timing unfolding and dreams fulfilled, or at least dreams put into motion and manifestation.
You might not know the total unfolding; however you will have more of than an inkling which direction to go, and either who is on the train with you or who will be getting off at the next stop

Take positive action this month, and if you have fear about reaching out or moving forward get the support you need to: "feel the fear and do it anyway".

There are such Universal Supportive Energies this month, and into the next 3 months that some people will feel that a magic spell is on them, magic is afoot and in the air. In many ways there is magic in the air-- Universal Air....

Many of my clients, friends, colleagues, as well as people that call into my radio show Awakenings have been commenting on the chang in the air so to speak. I am hearing all the time how people are experiencing more syncronicity in their life, more grace and ease and feeling more love and loving toward people and life in general.....  Most people ask me is this possible and really happening. To which I respond: "Yes, not only is it possible. It is really happening to them and in life in general."

There are 2 crticial passages and turning points in the "Harmonic Convergence",  one in the late 1960"s and the other in the late 1980"s.  These energetic and intention turning points put us as a cosmos and humanity toward the motion of unification, unity consciousness and the integration of our "oneness".  The Harmonic Convergence put us on the track for life as interdependent beings operating within Soul Groups- Soul Tribes and within communities living by resonance and coherence.

This has set up the "Converging Flow" inwhich the the subsets of awakenings is taking place within the "Great Awakening".  The Awakening that is taking place is actually an unfolding of a succession; as well as expanding of awakenings in all sectors and  areas of life.

This May this will be more evident for more people.  For those that are already sufficiently awake, living more aware and consicous this will be very apparent and active in their life.  Active is a key word here... You will see this in more of a manifestd form.   Remember manifestation happens in steps. Just like a flower starts as a seed and goes from sprout to blossoming and blooming so will your dreams, desires, projects, relationships and growth.

Begin this month to also ask for "Conscious Playmates", and if you are wanting a "significant other" relationship dont just ask for a "Soul Mate" ask for a "Soul Mate LIfe Partner".  We have many Soulmates and not all are meant to be life or "next part of your life" parnters.  :-)  Take time out this month to play... Don't be overly concerned with work or getting ahead.  Just know that your HIgher Self knows what you need and is orchestrating this with the Divine Universal Flow.  All you need to do is keep aligned, attuned, in resonance and coherencee show up and respond.

Be patient this month and take time to notice the steps of not only your dreams unfolding, but your own personal unfolding.  The more you can feel the love and see the energy of Spirit and the beauty of the Soul Design unfolding the more you will align to, attune to and be able to harnass this Divine Cosmic Universal Energy.

This month if you open up, even just a little past your fears and comfort zone you will feel and see the magic of the Spiritual Essence in action and form. You will see and feel the magic that you are as you recognize your own interconnectedness to The All That Is and everyone and everything that comprises this wonderful Universal.  We all have the great chance to feel a lot safer in the Universe and to throw back to Frankie Goes to Hollywood - know "The world is our oyster"....

Meditation is a Connection to the Living Question

Your life is a living question.  It is also the answer...

It is said in sacred text that you will find the answers within.  This true; however you need to pose the question.  This initiates the true seeker on their path and opens the door to the mystery of possibilities. It is true that the best mystery lies within and that in knowing the True Nature of the Self that all is revealed via this Inner Knowing... To know means to first question.  We cannot learn or know with out the question.

In questioning we move into a phase of seeking.  Meditation becomes a tool for answering not only the questions of the ego and surface mind, but as well as the deeper yearning we all have within us.
We seek what we feel is outside of us that we think will complete us.
What seems to be outside of us seems to hold the answers.   Through contemplation meditation we come to realize we hold the answers.

As we move into finding we feel we have found the answers.
The "right" people; like minded individuals are an answer.
We begin to see below the surface of life and find deeper meaning.
We find what connects us more to a deeper part of ourselves and gives new meaning to our life.

At some undefinable point we begin to really understand ourself and love ourself on a much deeper level. In loving and accepting ourself as well as our life it becomes easier to do this with other people.
We begin to say: "I just want to be me."
We then with much more inner knowing say: "I just want to be."
It is in this being that we move into a living mediation...  We begin to see that all our Spiritual Practice has brought us to a deeper place of Inner Knowing.

Take time through meditation to ask and notice your "Living Question".  How you live your life, what is in your life and what is of most value to you will reveal the question and answer of you life.   You will come to not only see, but appreciate your life as the "Living Question and Answer" of the All That Is...   You as the Divine Emmanation and Spark of the Universal Flow of the All That Is; or some might say God.  It is only from this reverence that you can find the deeper meaning in your life and life from this place of abundance.


April Soul Insights Forecast

Ready, Set....Whee..... as Tamera a friend of mine on the path says......

Yep, We have been Universally told to "Get on Ready".... Well, ready is here...

It's time to not just think: "Can't we all just get a long?"  It's time to really mean it and do it.  There maybe wars, but all is to serve a higher calling and expression of unity.

Look for areas of liberation, clarification and expansion in your life beginning this month; especially in the area of relatiionship.  This month you will gain clarity as to your own needs, wants and purpose on the path.  If there seem to be inner obstructions, delays, miscommunications and uncertainty of direction and purose in your relationships this month you will gain more understanding to make decisions.  Either outer circumstances will clarify for you, or you will receive the insight and inner guidance to make the most life enhancing choice; or action.  The Higher Self/Soul Self - Universal Mind, Source Energies, God Is-I Am; what ever you want to term this Energetic Princple and Innate Universal Intelligence is demanding that we grow and go in the direction of love, self expression, unity, and the not only the ability to "be there" for each other but the willingness and desire.

I  say action here, because for many the new energy focus will not be just about choice, but what is right action.  What is right action in this situation?  This is a great question to ask oneself at this time and to then "allow" the answer to come forth.  The best answers will not be via thought at this time, but from intuition and inner guidance.

A lot will be asked of you and required from you during this month.  This upleveling of what is required of us; and higher level of responsibility will continue throughout the summer and into the fall months.  By October most people will have a handle on this new level of spiritual awareness, ability to respond to the Soul Call and the self expression and love that this brings for each of us individually; as well as collectively.

We are meant to not only "be there" for each other, but also ourselves.  We are meant to really move into the we, and understand that a "true we" has a me in there as well.   There will be clarifications in relationships and a new level of understanding; as well as depth of care that will be present even in the most seemingly surface or transiting relationships.  It is not the duration of a relationship, or the history that will take key presendence in the New Paradigm, but the depth of connection, alignment, coherence and resonance.

The Individual and Collective Soul is indeed not only yearning to grow, expand in expression and experience, but in essence demanding this and setting up the relationships, opportunities, and situations synchronistically to be able to do so.

Situations will twist and turn to unravel you from situations that are holding you back from more Soul Expression.  Relationships will require extra care; however in this extra care and attention the rewards will be great.  Try not to stay locked in a conventional view of the actions, meaning of the actions of others and your life circumstances.  What seems to be "bad" can turn out to be the very best way for your Soul to grow and to receive what it  is you truly desire and need for the most love, light, understanding and your Soul's unfolding.